2020-03-31 Update

By April 1, 2020 No Comments

Just a quick update for tonight. Some of the orders are moving which is great

Ethan – 10k surgical masks shipped via UPS yesterday and is currently clearing China customs. They still owe more surgical masks (I added to order) and all the KN95s. They are sticking to the quoted ‘7-12 day lead time from receiving payment’ but I will keep bugging them.

Belle – The complete order was shipped via UPS yesterday and is currently clearing China customs.

Cherry – I talked to her last night and she is still waiting on stock. Unfortunately no updates.

Amanda – I placed an order with her on Friday last week for 3k KN95 masks and they already shipped! She used DHL and despite already sending the shipping information to them, they are now waiting for a plane from HK which she said could take up to a week. In my experience DHL is the fastest so hopefully once the packages get on a plane it will be quick to receive them at my door.

I spent a couple hours last night reading through the guidance on how to properly classify the goods for customs purposes. This is important for quick clearance and also paying the right tariffs. I think I eventually found the information I needed but then Belle told me she got different information from Chinese customs. This is the challenge with international shipping! Regardless, I feel as prepared as I can be to deal with customs if necessary.

If Ethan and Belle’s shipments clear customs on their side and ours without issues I expect those shipments to arrive on Monday or Tuesday here. Once receiving and inspecting the shipments, my goal will be to turn them around within 24 hours and get them out to you all. My next task is to make sure I have the right packaging for shipping.

Thanks for your patience. Stay safe out there.