2020-04-05 Update

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It’s Sunday night in Detroit, Monday morning in China and it’s time for an update.

Inbound shipping updates:

Ethan (KN95 and surgical) – The first shipment of 10k surgical masks is already in Michigan and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (Monday). The second shipment of surgical masks was sent on the 2nd and is currently en-route. The remainder are all KN95s and have not yet been shipped which is very frustrating. They have continued to be communicative but I haven’t been able to get a firm ship date out of them.

Belle – (KN95 and surgical) – The latest UPS activity shows an export scan from ZhengZhou on April 3rd. There should be more information scanned in overnight.

Cherry – (KN95) – In the last update we were still waiting for an allocation from Cherry’s factory. The next day she pulled through and got our order ready for shipment. I sent her UPS labels to put on the boxes but then when she went to arrange pickup, she said that customs or UPS (it’s not exactly clear to me who exactly) had new rules that said a shipper could only send up to 5000RMB at one time! It’s not unheard of for there to be limits like this but it was weird since we had just shipped other goods over that amount days before. The landscape is changing daily there. Regardless, we managed to split up the shipments and they are now in the process of clearing customs in China.

Amanda – (KN95) – Her shipment was the fastest to be arranged but has now become the slowest. It is *still* sitting in Hong Kong waiting on transport from DHL. I can’t say exactly what’s going on but I know Amanda feels bad about it and is trying to get the shipment out. 4/6/2020 EDIT – the shipment got picked up and is now moving! Schedule for delivery on Friday if all goes well.

To give you all sense of how quickly things change over there, one night last week I was talking to Amanda about ordering more masks because I was impressed with her ability to ship them so quickly. She said she can ship 10 – 20k per day without any issue. Great! The next night I want to place the order and everything had changed. News reports here called into question the quality of Chinese masks and thus  the Chinese government and US customs were cracking down on the fly-by-night mask operations. A ton of buyers went to her legit factory and now she has no stock and the price went up 20%!

I’m quite sure that I will start shipping this week beginning with surgical masks. I bought a bunch of shipping supplies last week that were meant to be delivered on Saturday by Fedex but of course were not. The tracking says ‘Delivery not attempted, rescheduled for next business day, Tuesday April 7th’. The tracking shows that it was on the truck to be delivered on Saturday. Why it was not even attempted or why they think Tuesday is the next business day is a mystery to me. But hopefully I will receive the shipping supplies tomorrow or Tuesday, at the latest.

Stay safe out there!