2020-04-08 Update

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Better than yesterday. That’s what I try to remind myself. Here are the updates:

Ethan – The first order of 10k surgical masks have arrived and are in my possession. They look great. The second shipment of surgical masks got split, one box was delivered yesterday, another to be delivered today and the third is still in China somehow. The KN95s from Ethan were shipped last night via UPS Express and are confirmed picked up. Hopefully these travel fast and clear customs without issue.

Belle – This shipment is moving but still hasn’t arrived in the U.S. It does look like they have cleared China customs though. UPS is saying April 13th scheduled delivery but I am not putting 100% trust in those dates right now.

Cherry – This shipment is currently delayed at China customs. I am reaching out to my rep to see if there is anything I can do. Sometimes it says no action is required but they actually need some additional piece of information which is holding up transit. But they only tell you once they get around to it!

Amanda – These shipments arrived in Michigan already! The tracking says that they are being held until receipt of payment. It’s a little strange since I’m quite sure freight has already been paid. After talking with Amanda and her forwarder it is probably to do with duties. I am going to brave the long hold time with DHL and give them a call to see if I can get the shipment pushed through.

Fulfillment update – My order of packaging was meant to be delivered this past Saturday but was not 🙁 Yesterday I received 1 of the 4 boxes and the other three are MIA. Of course the one box I did receive didn’t have the packaging material I needed now but that’s the way things go. Luckily, my friends are also in the eCommerce business and one had a whole pallet of boxes I could ‘borrow’. Thanks!

I spent a few hours last night packaging up the first orders of surgical masks and getting my operations figured out. If you only ordered surgical masks, you should expect a tracking number soon. If you ordered both KN95s and surgical, sorry I can’t split shipments. It’s way too operationally intensive right now. Thanks for understanding.

I know it’s been a long journey but this is what I expected which is why I tried to remind everyone that placing an ‘order’ here or making a donation is not like ordering on Amazon. You may also understand why nobody has masks right now. These are typical startup pains and considering the situation we are in, has been relatively pain-free. We just need to wait for the shipments. Sometimes we forget there are armies of people that make factories, UPS, and customs actually work. Everyone is going through challenges and it is never easy moving goods across the world, even in the best of times.

Thanks again for your patience and joining me in this experience.



10k Surgical masks have arrived

Receiving 10k surgical masks at my apt