2020-04-16 Update

By April 16, 2020 No Comments

Cherry’s shipment of 5k KN95s arrived today and were subsequently all shipped out. I am finally getting through the backlog of orders! But now I am out of surgical masks too 🙁 More are on the way though.

If you get Cherry’s masks you likely will receive the masks in bags and the cartons flat packed. That’s how she shipped them to me to save space and so I included the cartons into your shipments too. Sorry, I didn’t have time to re-assemble all the cartons and put the bags inside.

Also the rest of the packaging I ordered almost two weeks ago finally arrived! Fedex has been incredibly disorganized the last few weeks. A lot of shipments I’ve shipped out for my other business have gone out Fedex and instantly lost at the hub. They never even make it out of Oak Park. So far it looks like UPS has been managing our outbound shipments a lot better.

I am still owed two shipments from Ethan and one from Amanda. Ethan’s has been ‘in-transit’ since the 9th and Amanda’s is finally showing that it is now in the process of clearing customs as of tonight. The latest shipment from Ethan has had trouble getting picked up. He told me this morning that they are having to split it into multiple shipments and there is a big backlog at the depot.

Do you need more masks? Now that I’ve successfully received about 30k masks from multiple vendors, I feel like I could bring in as many as people need if they want them. The lead time is real though so if you think you may need them in a 2 – 3 weeks, order now.