2020-04-22 Update – Over 35k Masks Shipped

By April 22, 2020 No Comments

Ethan’s shipments of 10k KN95s has finally arrived and I managed to ship out over half yesterday.

At this point, all the backorders older than 7 days that are only KN95s have been shipped out. Unfortunately there are still a handful of orders that are several weeks old that I can’t fulfill until I get one of my shipments of surgical masks in. It’s frustrating but I’m doing my best to fulfill as many orders as quickly as possible.

If you have an order older than 14 days and need KN95s now, send me an email and I will split the shipment to send you the KN95s now. It’s a challenge to manage split shipments but happy to do it if necessary.

I am still placing new orders with my factories and have new shipments coming in weekly. My goal is to be ahead of backorders but it hasn’t happened quite yet.

Still need masks? Order now. 

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